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Canadian Healthcare Optimization Workshop


The Health Care Operational Research Special Interest Group (HCOR SIG) of the Canadian Operational Research Society (CORS) is proud to host the 3rd annual Canadian Healthcare Optimization Workshop in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, on Sunday, May 26, 2019. This one-day workshop will be followed by the annual CORS conference, which will be held on May 27-29, 2019.

Workshop Fees:

  • CORS 2019 Conference Delegates: $75.00 + (6% PST and 5% GST)

  • CHOW Workshop (by May 25, 2019): $100.00 + (6% PST and 5% GST)

  • CHOW Workshop (Late Registration): $125.00 + (6% PST and 5% GST)


CHOW Workshop Details:

This workshop promotes the research of young scholars and provides a forum for researchers with a common interest in healthcare optimization to share the latest advances with other researchers and practitioners in the field. The workshop also connects researchers with practitioners to discuss innovative solutions and best practices that help improve the effectiveness of the healthcare system. 


We invite young academic scholars (doctoral students, post-doctoral researchers and non-tenured faculty) to submit working or research papers for presentation and discussion at the workshop. The submitted papers should not be already published or accepted for publication. The acceptance decision will be based on full paper submissions, which will undergo a review by a panel of experts. The papers can be analytical or empirical, methodological or applied.


Presentations will be scheduled in a single track. For each presentation, there will be a senior researcher who will act as a discussant and provides feedback. In addition to the presentations of young scholars, there will be a tutorial and roundtable discussions

Key Deadlines

  • Full Paper Submission: March 31, 2019 *revised date

  • Notification of Acceptance: April 15, 2019

  • Deadline to Update Accepted Papers: April 30, 2019

  • Registration Deadline for Presenters: April 30, 2019

Submission Guidelines and Review Process

  • Submit by email to

  • Include the paper title in the subject line and attach the paper in a pdf format. Please name this file as .pdf (e.g., “Optimal physician scheduling_Smith.pdf”). The paper should include the paper title, and authors’ names and contact information. The paper should not exceed 32 pages, including abstract and keywords, all references, tables, graphs, and appendices. Double-spacing (defined as at most 33 lines per page) should be used for the paper, including abstract and references.

  • The paper will undergo an initial review process by an expert panel.

  • The authors of papers accepted to the CHOW workshop may submit an updated paper version by April 30, 2019 for distribution to the discussants.

Coordination with CORS Conference
The same work may NOT be presented at both the CORS Conference and the CHOW Workshop. Authors of papers not accepted for presentation at the workshop, are given the opportunity to present their work at the CORS Conference. To this end, the authors should only make a single submission to the CHOW Workshop.