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Palisade develops robust, innovative, and comprehensive software and solutions for risk analysis and decision making, including @RISK and the DecisionTools Suite. Palisade software adds in to Microsoft Excel, ensuring flexibility, ease-of-use, and appeal across a wide range of industry sectors. Combined with Palisade training and consulting services, @RISK and the DecisionTools Suite are the most complete risk analysis solution available today, helping people to make better decisions through Monte Carlo simulation, decision trees, optimization, and other powerful techniques. No matter what industry you're in, @RISK and the DecisionTools Suite can help you make decisions with confidence.
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Edwards School of Business
University of Saskatchewan

The Edwards School of Business offers a robust Bachelor of Commerce program with six majors, study abroad options and a cooperative education program. At the graduate level, we offer a variety of Master’s programs in Accounting, Business Administration, Finance, and Marketing. We also work closely with the business community through our Executive Education team by providing training and professional development opportunities.

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